Personalised Bags

Promote your business with Personalised Bags

While online advertising has become a necessity for most companies competing to market their brand, offline methods such as using promotional products still remains a very effective advertising strategy. With a large printed area to display your logo or brand, personalised bags in particular work great as an effective promotional item. Some business sectors typically don’t use personalised bags in their marketing activities and therefore these products can provide an untapped opportunity to highlight your business. With National Pen’s ability to output small print runs, customers are often surprised that these bags can be acquired with a relatively small investment.

Personalised bags help promote your business as a green business because bags are typically re-used which gives your message a long term life cycle as well as showing that you support environmentally friendly products.

With our vast range of bags there are fantastic opportunities for businesses to find a personalised bag that will be visually stunning and promote your business in a professional light. We can personalise Shopping & Tote bags, Paper Carrier bags, Drawstring bags,, Backpacks, Sports & Gym bags, Cool bags, Business bags and Travel bags. Personalised bags with their versatility present endless opportunities to market your brand. Our high quality printed bags always prove popular with people, meaning your brand gets advertised without you having to do the work.

Drawstring bags for example are one of the cheaper options if you are looking for a good quality giveaway bag. These lightweight bags are really handy as they fold away so easily and function really well as a general all-purpose bag whether it’s as a backpack for the bike, lightweight gym bag or when someone needs to take a quick trip to the shops.

Another very popular item with customer is personalised Cool bags. Our extensive Cool bag range will help you find something unique and really make your brand stand out whether it’s a customised wine tote, cooler backpack or lunch pack. Why not give your customers or prospects something different and help make your brand stand out from the crowd.

In our Travel section you’ll find a comprehensive array of personalisable products – suitcases, suit covers, wallets and other accessories.

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