Cheap Personalised Pens

National Pen offers a variety of pens at great prices that can be personalised with your company’s unique branding or contact details to reach a wide audience of potential clients and customers.

Great Value Personalised Pens

At National Pen we appreciate that marketing budgets can restrict options when choosing the right personalised pen. We offer a huge selection of pens with low minimum order quantities, offering fantastic value and suiting any budget. Our Value range take promotional pens back to their roots with a simple and cost effective way to multiply visibility for your brand. These pens can often be manufactured at high quantities for very low unit costs.

Our value pens are more than just cheap they are incredibly durable. National Pen prints all of their pens with long lifespans in mind. This means firm ballpoint apparatus, solid barrel construction and quality ink.

Individual Personalised Pens

Our Squiggle Pen is one of our most popular pens. It’s distinctive “squiggle" clip differentiates it from other pens and adds to its aesthetic appeal and it looks great when branded with a company or business logo. Our Flashlight Pen is also popular with customers. The light feature gives it an element of fun and quirkiness which proves a hit with recipients. Our Jenn Pen has a more standard and classic design and is a great choice if you’re looking for a cheap and elegant personalised pen.

Curvy Pens have become extremely popular over the last few years and we provide a great value for money curvy pen with our Cabaret Image Silver Pen comes in a wide range of traditional and fashionable colours.

Cheap Pens for the Budget Conscious

We have several budget-friendly pens to choose from. So whether you want to order a big batch of cheap pens for your next trade show gift bag or are looking for small regular orders of personalised stick pens for your front counter or boardroom the advantages are clear. You will get a useful, resilient and striking promotional gift customised with your graphics for some of the lowest per unit costs around.

Browse our shop, upload your graphics to view your final product before ordering online. All our personalised pens can be customised to your exact requirement - guaranteed.

Why Pens Make Effective Promotional Items

Pens are not only affordable promotional products, they are also effective. With the high exposure rates that promotional items get, your company can create positive affiliations with many different individuals and organizations. Promotional items create brand recognition, which in turn creates sales. They can truly help your business grow more than you may realize.

Promotional Products Are Long Lasting

Digital and media advertisements last only a few seconds, and they don’t make much of an impression unless they are special or unique in some way. Promotional products, on the other hand, last for a much longer time. Many may even be used on a regular basis. In fact, the best promotional products are those that are actually useful. Physical products are unique in that they reach a target audience for what can amount to an unlimited amount of time.

Increase Brand Exposure and Recognition

For a company to gain brand recognition requires repeated exposure of their logo and name. It is easier for potential clients to remember something when they are seeing it over and over again. Promotional products allow for this type of recognition.

Pens are Really Useful

Pens have naturally useful characteristics. People use pens almost every day in a variety of ways. They use them to take notes and to make lists. They use them at the bank, at school, at restaurants, and at shops. They travel and commute with pens. People also tend to share their pens with others. This means more and more people are exposed to your brand as your pens are used and passed around.

Image and Reputation

Almost everyone likes to receive gifts and tokens of appreciation. By giving pens away to employees and faithful employees, you are improving your overall image. Potential customers can also benefit from the receipt of a small gift such as a pen. Even a small gesture can have a big impact.

Reach Further than the Target Audience

Given the transient nature of pens, it is possible to reach audiences far beyond those targeted. There is really no limit to where a pen can go and who can see it.

National Pen Value Pens

Browse our wide variety of personalised pens at value prices. We are here to help you create the right promotional product to fit your budget.