Promotional Umbrellas

Personalised Printed Umbrellas

They are a great choice when you’re looking for a promotional product which gives that little bit extra return on investment.

Successful promotional products need to be useful to the recipient and anyone who's been caught in a heavy rain shower will certainly attest to the usefulness of a good quality umbrella. They also need to ensure that your logo and branding are as visible as possible. Printed umbrellas certainly tick those boxes.

The other advantage that promotional umbrellas have is that they have a high perceived value. They are much sought after as giveaways at tradeshows, golf outings and other events. National Pen has produced personalised umbrellas for countless types of businesses; hotels, retail stores, travel companies, sports clubs, golf clubs, car dealers, banks, insurance companies, hairdressing salons – the list goes on.

From Storm-Proof Golf umbrellas to Classic Wooden-Handled umbrellas to Foldable Pocket umbrellas, our comprehensive range ensures that whatever type of umbrella you want to customise we will have a product to match your needs. We even have a promotional umbrella with a LED light feature. These types of imaginative products always stick in people’s minds and when they are printed and associated with your brand people will view your business in a very positive light.

Our promotional umbrellas are carefully selected to ensure that they meet our high quality standards of design and durability. So you will be getting a quality product at a very affordable price and one that will protect your customers from the elements for a long time to come!