Personalised Pencils

Personalising pencils for promotional reasons, by printing your name or logo, is a very popular and cheap way of raising the profile of your brand. At National Pen, we offer a variety of styles to choose from.

Why Pencils?

At first glance, it may seem like a pencil is not the most inspired promotional giveaway. Think again, though, about the universal appeal of a pencil. Much like a pen, a pencil is a useful tool in every office, home, shop, and classroom. Most people, at some time in their life, have needed to use a pencil for one task or another. They are handy utensils to have around. Moreover, there are professions that regularly use pencils in their line of work. If your target audience includes, for example, teachers, contractors, architects, accountants, or artists, then a pencil is a thoughtful and practical promo item.

The very nature of a pencil also makes it a worthwhile promotional giveaway. Pencils are inexpensive. You can most likely afford to order a larger quantity of them. Also, pencils make a good canvas for imprinting your brand and contact information. If you need a large number of giveaways quickly, pencils may be your best option.

Varied Choices for Personalised Pencils

National Pen stock a wide range of personalised pencils, both Wooden Pencils and Mechanical Pencils. Our pencils are high quality products but are very competitively priced. We can customise and print your pencils with low minimum order quantities.

Branded Pencils – a cheap and cost-effective way to advertise and promote your business! Our BG Pencils for example, are simple and inexpensive wooden pencils with eraser. Coming in a wide range of colours they can be customised with your name, logo or marketing messages.

Or choose our slick black and silver Balmain 6 Piece Pencil Set. You may find our Half Size Pencils provide a more practical solution for your needs. Maybe an eye catching Rainbow Pencil could provide you with something a bit different and unique?

In our mechanical range we stock the hugely popular and classic Paragon Pencil which is available in a range of different colours and is finished beautifully. We also stock a lightweight Tikky Mechanical Pencil which is perfect for sketching.

National Pen

National Pen has been personalising and customising pencils for almost 60 years and we have honed our skills to become experts at what we do. Using the most modern production methods and implementing our rigorous quality assurance procedures ensures we consistently deliver products of the highest quality. Not only do we offer a wide variety of quality products, but we do so at an affordable price. We are confident that your company can find the right pencils to suit your budget and your purpose. At National Pen, we also offer free setup, so you don’t need to worry about upfront costs. There is also no payment required at the time of order. Additionally, you can place a low minimum order, sometimes as few as 50 units. This is great for a product you may be trying out for the first time or for a special event. Finally, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all your orders. You can shop worry-free with National Pen.

A Brief History of the Pencil

The Romans were likely the first to use a pencil-like instrument. The stylus was a narrow metal rod that left legible marks on paper. They were used primarily by scribes. Styluses were also made of lead, similar to modern instruments. Though, today manufacturers use non-toxic graphite.

The use of graphite became more widespread after a large deposit of the mineral was unearthed in Borrowdale, England, back in the year 1564. Graphite was able to make a legible mark that was darker than lead. Unfortunately, graphite is brittle and soft, so some sort of holder was required to use it. At first, users would wrap the graphite in string. It was some time later that the mineral was put inside wood sticks that had been hollowed. That was the birth of the modern pencil.

In 1662, pencils were first produced on a large scale in Nuremberg, Germany. The industrial revolution of the 19th century saw the most active development of the pencil manufacturing industry. This was led by Faber-Castell, Lyra, Steadtler and a few other companies.

Fun Facts About Pencils

• There are competing theories about where the name “pencil" comes from. One credits the Latin word “pencillus," or “little tail." Another possibility is the French word “pincel," or “little paintbrush."

• Pencils can write in a number of environments, including under water and in zero gravity. They have actually been used by both American and Russian astronauts during space missions.

• Before erasers were invented, creative types like writers and artists would have to use bread crumbs to erase their mistakes.

• England was home to the first factory to make mechanical pencils. Sadly, it was destroyed during a WWII bombing.

• The largest manufacturer of pencils in the world is Faber-Castell.

• Thomas Edison had his pencils custom made so that they were thicker than an average pencil.

• There is a popular theory that a single pencil of average size can draw a line that goes on for 35 miles in length.

If you are looking for a wide selection of affordable, high quality pencils to personalise National Pen UK is the right choice.