Personalised Diaries

Personalised Diaries – promote your brand all year round!

Personalised Diaries are still very popular as a promotional item and for good reasons. Even with the plethora of apps, online calendars, notifications and reminders, people still love to have something tangible where they can record significant occasions, upcoming events and notable dates. Also, lots of people still use diaries as daily journals and often use personal writing for therapeutic reasons. From a business or work perspective it’s always advisable to have a least one quality diary.

If you browse through our diary range you’ll see that our diaries are beautifully designed and of a very high quality and anybody who receives one of them is bound to be impressed.

Our pocket Weekly Planner, for instance, is a stunning portable diary with pen and it has a metal plaque on the front which can be engraved with your logo, all translating into a high quality promotional product which will get noticed!

We also stock A5 Weekly Diaries decorated with a wooden effect cover onto which your logo can be embossed. A great option for a traditional type diary.

Our Complete Note Caddy really is an exquisite gift and contains notepad, sticky flags, calendar and a retractable pen. The vinyl cover is adorned with a metallic plate onto which your logo can be engraved. This really is a stunning diary product.

Even though the era of suppliers showering their customers with expensive gifts at Christmas it is more or less a thing of the past, it is still acceptable to give people personalised diaries because they are relatively low cost items. In fact, people receiving diaries in the business world more often than not request several for their friends or family. It almost becomes an expectation every year which is another reason why personalised diaries work great as a promotional product.