Personalised Cig Lighters

Engraved lighters

The engraved lighter is a gift that your customers are not ready to take out of their pockets. Electric lighters are compact and rechargeable. Efficient and cheap, it's the ideal gift that will always be useful. Your customers will no longer use their impersonal plastic lighters that are very often lost.

We stock a range of durable and attractive LED printed lighters. Some of our lighters are refillable adding to the longevity of the product.

Personalised BIC lighter

National Pen have partnered with BIC to ensure that your branded lighters are of the finest quality. Our Bic J6 Maxi Lighter is built with the durability and quality in mind. Its high performance is demonstrated by the fact that each lighter provides up to 3,000 lights. In addition it allows for a large print area for maximum exposure.

Our personalised BIC lighters are available in different colors. BIC lighters meet the international safety standards ISO 994. BIC ® lighters are manufactured in Europe.

It's time to rekindle your customers with a lighter in your name that they'll remember.

Check out our range of personalised lighters each with their own unique features and find a product that will meet your requirements and help you promote your brand