Eco Friendly Promotional Products Personalised With Your Logo

National Pen offers a selection of promotional items that are environmentally friendly. These range from bags and totes, to pens, pencils, notebooks, and water bottles. All of these products are customisable with your company logo, branding, and contact information.

A Variety of Sustainable Promotional Products

There are a number of items you can choose from to show your customers, both current and future, that you care about your company’s impact on the environment.

Probably the most popular option is a reusable tote. The nature of the bag itself, an alternative to plastic bags that can be used repeatedly, is eco friendly. We go a step further and offer bags in environmentally conscious materials. Two of our most popular non woven totes are the Maryville and the Lighthouse. We also have a conference bag, the Edison.

Another popular choice are our notebooks. These modern tools are made of recycled paper and are available in a variety of styles. Some of our popular models are the A4 Recycled Notebook With Pen and the Mendel Notebook.

Our eco friendly pens and pencils are also made of recycled materials. We have Recycled Plastic Pens and Recycled Paper Pens, among others.

Other eco friendly products to consider are drinkware. We offer an array of water bottles and mugs made of earth friendly materials. In addition to the marketing potential, reusable bottles and mugs help drastically reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up as waste.

Be Green While Raising Company Recognition

These promotional items are produced using materials that are earth-friendly. In other words, materials made of components that are safe for the environment and that reduce their overall carbon footprint. Personalised eco items show your customers that you have an interest in sustainability. National Pen has a wide variety of promotional products with minimal environmental impact.

Why Choose Eco Friendly Products?

There are several reasons to choose an eco friendly product for your next promotional giveaway. These products conserve natural resources and thereby help save the planet. The use of these eco friendly products over time can reduce the overall amount of waste that goes into landfills or the water systems. This is due to their biodegradable or recycled properties. Your current and prospective customers may gain respect and admirations for your company’s choice to adopt cleaner and more mindful business practices.

When To Use Eco Friendly Products?

Eco friendly promotional products can be used in several different ways. They can be given away at conventions or promotional events, presented to current customers as a token of appreciation, or even to employees as a reward for a job well done. Any of these purposes can add value to your company.

Why Market a Message of Sustainability?

Caring about the environment isn’t just a passing trend. You can see the popularity of sustainability in almost all areas of modern life, from cars to popular culture to home design. It is also cross-generational. This is not a issue that only interests millennials. People of all ages and from all segments of the population consider the preservation of the environment a worthy cause.

How exactly does this translate to your business? Your bottom line can benefit from products that are better for the environment. More people today truly care about where their goods come from and how they are made. If you are using promotional items that meet sustainability standards, customers will take notice. They may be more willing to engage your services or buy your products as a result.

If nothing else, your company can perhaps take comfort in the fact that, by purchasing reusable and recycled p