Tradeshow giveaways impart smart social media lessons at the BBC Good Food Show 2016

Posted Thursday, June 16, 2016 by National Pen.
Tradeshow giveaways impart smart social media lessons at the BBC Good Food Show 2016
Tradeshow giveaways are a perk few exhibition attendees will pass up, even at the risk of muscle strain from goodie bags weighed down with brochures, flashlights, pens, keyrings and lanyards. However, Food Exhibitions like the BBC Good Food show traditionally ditch the promotional goods and go with what the attendees are there for the delicious bites and sups of cakes, chocolate, skewers, various wines and beverages. It means less weight in the goodie bag, but likely a bit more about the waist!

Still, there is plenty to learn from tradeshow giveaways, not only by creative packaging design, signage and integrated branding that goes into the stalls. This article examines how the brands, big and small, used smart social media to promote their tradeshow giveaways.


Heart shaped ice cubes are a nice novelty to impress dinner party guests. This social competition giveaway utilizes a Twitter hashtag and call-to-action to give Chosan a share of the social media buzz surrounding the exhibition.


Putting the weekend into numbers and figures whilst tweeting at the official accounts gets your brand reach from re-tweets, as seen in this post from Oppo Ice Cream. Pair that with a timelapse video of your stall to show its popularity and you are on the right track.
45,000 spoons amongst 15,000 customers is impressive considering they kept everyone down to just three spoons each!

Creative Nature


Speaking of video, on-location video is under-utilized at exhibitions, likely due to the sometimes limited uploading with bad 3 and 4G signal. This video from Creative Nature managed to go up, it promoting the fun messaging of this brand, set behind their baking goodies and nice brand banner with plenty of white space.

Another lesson in exhibition social media is engaging with influences, in the Creative Nature case it was rubbing shoulders with Veggie Lad, who later mentioned Creative Nature in a Tweet. Cross-promotion of brands to relevant audiences is a no-brainier!
Creative Nature Veggie Lad

VitaCoco Coconut Oil

VitaCoco are the brand probably best known for their coconut water drinks, yet they have diversified their products around the core raw material of coconuts. This post is an enticing call-to-action for foodies searching for something they havent tried before. Having a showstopper product like this is often the one that brings in the crowds, be it coconut oil popcorn, or the hottest chili at the exhibition.
VitaCoco Coconut Oil

Which tradeshow giveaways could you use?

The final lesson from the BBC Good Food show is that food is the fastest way to a persons heart (and wallet in many cases). When looking at future promotional goods, consider adding food as another method for brand exposure. Branded Chocolates, for example, could go down like a storm and get potential customers talking about your brand.

About the BBC Good Food Show

The BBC Good Food brand has had its start in a magazine, followed by TV show, over 25 years ago. It was launched under license in October 1989 by Redwood Publishing. Its events around the country attract over 100,000 visitors at its peak and are reportedly the biggest events of their kind in Europe.
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