Top seven most effective promotional gadgets for physios

Posted Tuesday, July 12, 2016 by National Pen.
Top seven most effective promotional gadgets for physios
The great thing about the promotional gadget industry is the breadth and depth of products. This can also be its problem. Choice blindness can set in and you find businesses will follow well-trodden routes with their choices.

Physiotherapists, independent practices and contracted practitioners, can resort to the same promotional gadgets as their competitors. For inspiration to break out of the mold, we looked at a similar industry: fitness and health clubs.

Brands like Fitness First and LA Fitness are great places to look for lessons on for audience driven marketing, for example messaging on location, membership gamification, and above-the-line or mass media marketing. However, this list focuses is the smaller scale, the nuts and bolts of branded gadgets and wear.

Most fitness club customers receive a bag full of information and swag upon application. Free gym swag, from sports backpacks, padlocks, and sweatbands, are relevant to the customer and support the reason why they have come to the brand. That support is the detail we used to pick the list of the most effective promotional gadgets for physios.


Arguably the most utility giveaway on this list and at £1.16 lowest per item. Backpacks are helpful for customers enrolled in a longer-term or high-intensity program.

Check out the Oriole rucksack or a classic drawstring sports bag.
Oriole rucksack


For a physiotherapist using active music therapy to assist treating neuromuscular disorders, a pair of earphones with your brand keeps your service in mind. Check out the Versa earbuds or earphones in a silicone case. Earphones


In opposition to the earlier entry on the list, earbuds are there to enhance the benefits that good posture can have to sleep. Check out the Serenity earplugs or Eyemask, earplugs and socks set.

Phone holders

Physiotherapists will always need to give out advice and training regimes that are completed outside of sessions. Phone holders are there as a reminder of both the sessions and your service.
Check out our iPhone fitness arm-bands. Phone holders


Similarly for earphones, speakers are another opportunity for relevant branding. With a higher price-per-unit, this option is suited for physio practices with a small chain and you might want to keep hold of these for yourself. Check out these smartphone speakers or this compact un-wrapping speaker. Speakers

Stress relievers

Stress balls come in different shapes, with a selection great sports and different treatment options. Its an easy link to make, particularly for physios working with sports teams.

For physios that work with rugby teams or football teams.

Stress relievers


Best given out if a client is using equipment as part of their routine, a sweatband is a visible way to provide utility and keeping your brand top of the clients mind. See more about the sweatband here.

That concludes our list of fitness brand inspired gadgets relevant for physios. Be sure to check back on the blog for more inspiration and advice for small business promotion. Sweatbands

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