The Six Best Pens in 2016 So Far

Posted Wednesday, April 27, 2016 by National Pen.
The Six Best Pens in 2016 So Far
The pen industry is in a constant state of inspiration from the past, present and future. Weve taken a bit of time out to showcase innovative pens from CES 2016, all the way over to the studios of architects and designs inspired from the 1880s. Here are some of the best and most innovative pens making waves in 2016 so far.

Stabilo Digipen

stabilo A pen that takes your flowing handwriting and transmits it into standardised digital text on a smartphone or tablet device. Debuted at CES 2016 and covered in the Washington post, this pen is a concept to bridge the space between on page note-taking and the success of note-taking apps like Evernote and Paper.

Past the idea, where this pen will shine is in the user experience. In cross-device synchronisation, it sports for a USB port, or Bluetooth connectivity as an option. The phone borrows cues from smartphones, coming packed with sensors for acceleration, rotation and pressure of writing.

VergeCo Sens

VergeCo Sens Debuting on Kickstarter from Ukrainian designers VergeCo, this minimalistic pen is made from Anodized aircraft aluminium and is compatible with Parker Pen G2 refills. The campaign far outstripped its goal of 5000 USD with backers pledging over 32,760 to pre-order the pens and fund their manufacture.

Its estimated to be delivered to those backers in July, according to the company they are: Thinkers, solvers and creators, for those who are changing this world!

SCALE Retractable Roller Ball pen

SCALE Retractable Roller Ball pen The next pen in this series is another two-in-one. Architect Shigeru Ban took time away to reinvent the tool at the core of an engineers or architects work, the pen. This three-sided aluminium pen doubles as a scale ruler with both metric and pesky imperial measures.

This pen will likely give its user plenty to twist and click into place, much like the tactile click of a normal ballpoint pen. It might be annoying, but one of the suggested psychological causes shows that the user is in deep thought, or theyre using it as a way to release nervous energy. Or perhaps another way to annoy your colleagues

Although this pen was not technically new in 2016, it has had a big bump in social media exposure recently, leading to it going out of stock on the Acme studio website.

Nakozukan Name Pen

Nakozukan Name Pen To understand the Nakozukan Name Pen, you will first need to know about Hanko, a method by which personalised stamps are used in Japan in the place of signatures. They are not universally used, so it can be inconvenient for some to have a cylinder solely for stamping your icon on documents.

The Name Pen is a two in one type of pen with a Hanko stamp together with a choice of 16 different illustrated cats to pick as the symbol. Made by the retailer Hankozu, this pen puts a final personalised touch by letting you add a name onto the side of the pen. We are all about personalisation, so this final touch stuck with us.

CoLiDo 3D Printing Pen

CoLiDo 3D Printing Pen 3D printing is one of those technologies that can feel like a gimmick until you experience it in person. This pen puts that technology in your hands to experience. Its a portable, free-hand 3-D printer in a pen format usually restricted to 2-D creations.

The possible designs of the CoLiDo pen look somewhat like the decoration on cakes from the Great British Bake-off. We would guess that they would last longer, however!

The Cycloid drawing machine

The Cycloid drawing machine Although not technically a pen, this is another Kickstarter project and the final product on our list. Created by Joe Freedman, this is an engineers dream of a well-designed, yet simple, device. After clipping in the pen and assembling the 21 gears in different combinations, you can set it up to produce stunning designs on white paper backgrounds.

The designs themselves are some of the most visually stunning and mathematically-based fractal designs you can produce by hand. By changing the colour of the pen as you go, you can produce drawings like the below (thanks to Wayne).

Thanks for reading our list of the best and most pens in 2016 so far, we were excited to give exposure to the innovation that went into the designs above. Keep an eye on the blog for future curated lists for creative inspiration.

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