Surprise Your Customers With Branded High Quality Pencils

Posted Monday, April 30, 2018 by National Pen.
Choosing the best promotional gifts for clients and employees alike is a situation that nearly every business faces. The correct answer depends on a number of factors but primarily on the structure of the target groups and the identity of the brand. Office staplers and notepads are definitely a common choice, but few companies remember to include personalised pencils into their packages of free stationery. Including personalised pencils into your marketing plan is very simple and it doesn’t cost you a fortune. Follow these simple steps and you’ll quickly be on your way to a very successful promotional campaign.

Pick a basic pencil model

There is a huge difference between a simple pencil that has to be sharpened manually every day and a fine mechanical pencil made of metal or durable plastic. Choice of the basic model and design plays an important role and should be made based on the intended goals of the promotional campaign. Great looking pencils are available in a wide variety of colours, and in some cases it makes sense to create a full set ideal for school children or people with artistic interests. However, budget-conscious advertisers might want to think about ordering a larger batch of a single model so that they can take advantage of bulk prices and save a bit more on shipping. It’s probably a good idea to browse through some catalogues with high-end models before coming to the final decision regarding the design and colours.

Print or engrave a customised message

Personalisation of the promotional gift is the most sensitive step in the process. Most companies are content to put their logo on the pencil to serve as a simple reminder, and for well-known brands this is an acceptable strategy that can reinforce already-built market positions. Smaller companies have an incentive to be more creative and include a promotional message aimed at the recipients of the pencils. This message can be printed or engraved on the body of the pencil, or in the cases into the packaging of the pencils. Marketers should of course understand that including too much content within a limited space can be detrimental and spoil the design, so all promotional messages must be kept short and to the point, while visual decorations need to be simple and small in size.

Distribute the pencils at company events

Another great feature of personalised pencils is their versatility. They can be given to selected employees and business partners as a sign of respect, handed out as a reward to loyal customers at retail shops or publically distributed to people who might only become paying customers in the future. Either way, the distribution method should be chosen based on the intended effect, and it may be followed up with PR reports about it if the company wants to attract some publicity. It’s not really about the pencils – it’s about showing that your brand is engaged in the community and cares about its clients enough to give them free stuff without asking for anything in return.

Ask your customers for feedback

The moment when the personalised pencil is given to its new owner doesn’t have to be the end of your marketing efforts. In fact, it could be only the beginning of a long-lasting relationship that keeps bearing fruit long into the future. Smart companies use the gift merely as a jump-off point and employ various engagement techniques to leverage the goodwill created by the handout. Today, it’s fairly easy to connect with customers on social networks and ask them to send drawings they created with the gifted pencils or to share their opinions on how the pencils could be made or distributed even better. Giving the clients and/or customers a chance to express their views about the brand will likely lead to a happy and long-lasting relationship between them and your brand.

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