Never Run Out Of Personalised Lanyards

Posted Thursday, May 31, 2018 by National Pen.

Businesses and organisations that are looking to make an impact should treasure every chance to make their brands ever deeper ingrained into the consciousness of the broader population. Sometimes, this can be achieved in a cost-effective manner without paying exorbitant sums for mass media campaigns or celebrity advertising. Use of personalised items like lanyards worn by authorised personnel and selected guests at a key event, can greatly improves brand exposure and facilitate better market positioning. With this in mind, availability of brand-specific or event-specific lanyards decorated with company name and logo should be regarded as a priority.

Fortunately, these days it’s very easy to get great personalised lanyards in the UK that are manufactured from high-quality materials and designed according to detailed specifications. Here is a brief overview of the reasons why you should strongly consider this option for your business.

A simple item with almost unlimited range of applications

It’s easy to forget about something as basic as lanyards — at least until you run out of them at a critical moment. Lanyards are quite useful in many different settings, from daily use by employees in large systems where personal identification is essential, to large public events where accredited speakers and media members have to be easily recognisable by security and staff. They simplify display of ID badges or credentials in a crowd, allow for effortless carrying of cameras and other equipment and let participants in an event learn each other’s names without asking. The value of high-quality lanyards is obvious to anyone who tried to coordinate a large gathering, since just a few malfunctioning hatches can cause a serious logistical problem at just the wrong time. That’s why experienced event organisers make sure they are well stocked with reliable and visually appealing lanyards in company colours.

Personalisation signals a high level of professionalism

While a blank lanyard is technically functional, adding the logo of the organiser to the free surface is always a smart idea. It’s not just about increasing brand visibility, since personalisation brings other tangible benefits to the table. In recent years, personalised items have grown so common that production of branded lanyards for UK companies is almost mandatory in order to keep up with the field. Nobody wants to be perceived as cheap, and that’s exactly the message you’re sending with a generic lanyard. Imprinting a custom message through the technological process like sublimation printing makes the lanyard more professional and increases the chances it will see practical use. Good-looking lanyards with promo messages are often kept after the event and used as personal keychains or mp3 holders, creating additional value for the brand.

Affordable and effective promo materials

Thanks to strong demand for personalised lanyards in the UK, there are many specialised companies ready to meet any requirement at a very favourable rate. To decrease costs even further, many companies are ordering quantities for an entire year in advance, qualifying for bulk prices and saving on shipping. With a smart purchasing strategy, personalised lanyards won’t be a huge burden on company finances while their promotional impact could be tremendous. It could be argued that in many industries it makes more sense to invest in personalised gifts than in any other channel for brand promotion. The advantages of this approach go beyond the economic math, since simple gifts can have a lot of emotional value for those who associate them with positive experiences. Possession of a branded lanyard turns every customer into a voluntary promoter of your brand for a long period of time.

You should always have a few spare lanyards at the ready

Considering how wide their field of applications is, personalised lanyards are an essential office staple that should never be in short supply. Ideally, companies should always be prepared to distribute a few extra lanyards on a short notice, so even small and unplanned events can be well managed and observe corporate visual standards. A savvy tactic is to have one type of lanyards that only feature company logo as the primary model and to produce smaller series whenever there is an important occasion that warrants a unique design or a different message. The most common way is to work with a single lanyard supplier that has the capacity to perform customisation in-house without delay so that the delivery can be made in just a few days. Working with a single supplier is much safer since it ensures that quality level will remain consistently high with every new batch and that prices won’t suddenly spike.

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