International Creativity Month

Posted Wednesday, January 13, 2016 by National Pen.
International Creativity Month
Probably just few of you know that January is the International Creativity Month. The promotional products industry has been really creative in the recent years and you probably want to take advantage of the branded novelty items among the advertisement gifts to show your customers how creative your business is.

Motivational speaker Randall Munson founded International Creativity Month to remind individuals and organizations around the globe to capitalize on the power of creativity, he declared. Here at National Pen we think this is a great idea.

January is just perfect to start re-thinking about your business in a more creative way. It should be almost automatic, weather if you own a small business or a big company, as the New Year starts, to give a different look at your products or services, to revamp your advertisement campaigns, to start a new approach to problem-solving and reaffirm the relationship between your enterprise and your customers.
Plans and strategy are, of course, crucial for your business but sometimes creativity is just as important. Sometimes creativity its all that you need to boost your sales in the coming year.
According to Harvey Mackay, in a study reported on the ideasandmore blog. time and money are said to be the biggest obstacles to creativity for people: 54 percent say lack of money stops them from being creative and 52 percent cite a lack of time, instead.
This said, you want your business to be better than its competitors, you want to sell more and advertise in a more creative way and by the end of each year, you realize there are plenty of articles and books vouching for the importance of the role of creativity in entrepreneurship.

You might just end up not having time to read them or money to buy them, theres the rub. Anyways, you cannot just wait for January to arrive and wait for some new advertisement idea to come into your mind. It wont help. You really dont want to say to your customers that you didnt have time or money to come up with something new to keep them interested in your business.

No worries. National Pens promotional novelties are very creative and have also the advantage of being cheap. Problem solved.

National Pen provides a full range of creative branded gifts to awaken your business creativity and show it to your customers. Youll never have to spend more money or time looking for creative ideas: stay hungry, stay foolish and most of all, check our novelties! You will be creative this year with your new branded sweets, lapel pins and logo bugs.
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