How Personalised Water Bottles Can Help Your Brand and the Planet

Posted Tuesday, March 06, 2018 by National Pen.

The best marketing ideas are those that address a relevant issue and resonate with ordinary people. If a brand can align its promotional efforts with the best interests of a community, it stands a better chance of being accepted and supported by that same community. Good branding is often more about good ideas than large budgets, and personalised water bottles represent an example of inexpensive promo items that can have a huge impact if used the right way. In addition to direct promotion of the brand, customised water bottles can help a company acquire a ‘green’ image and gain respect of the customers who care about sustainability and related values.

Let’s run through some of the main reasons why something as simple as a bottle with a custom label can be so impactful for your business.

Keeping Waste Under Control

Minimising plastic waste is a priority that many people and businesses take very seriously. It takes a very long time for single-use plastic bottles to decompose (about 400 years they say), which is why drinkware that can be reused is far less damaging for the environment. Handing out water in high-quality vessels at company events is a statement about your corporate responsibility as well as your customer policies. It’s even better to use steel or aluminum bottles that feature a special design, making it more likely that they will be kept and reused. Custom bottles can be ordered wholesale and distributed over a longer period of time, effectively causing a large number of people to stop buying disposable bottles every day.

Raising Awareness about Environmental Issues

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their interactions with the environment, so any campaign that causes them to pay more attention to their actions is more than welcome. If the message is coming from a brand they already know and trust, the customers will be more inclined to take it seriously. Well-designed water bottles can be given to school kids and adults, used by participants in a sports event or featured in any other context. Ideally, distribution of personalised bottles should be supported with carefully prepared PR efforts in order to explain why it’s so important to reduce the amount of waste we create daily. A coordinated action of this kind can intensify the impact of the handouts and start a debate about key issues that should be addressed today as well as in the future.

Associating Your Brand with a Good Cause

Companies that consistently support environmental issues over a period of several years will become identified with positive values in the minds of the consumers. Reusable bottles in company colours are affordable enough to use on various occasions year after year, which in turn reinforces the notion that the company is actively involved in solving the worldwide waste problem. This type of natural association is very powerful and can bring additional visibility to the company as well as help to build a deeper bond with long-term customers. Considering that costs of production and shipping of water bottles is much smaller than what an average company spends acquiring a new customer, this method of customer acquisition and brand-building deserves attention. Sometimes simple gifts with a clear purpose can do more good than fancy commercials with creative messages, and water bottles are definitely a low risk promotional technique for businesses of any size.

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