Great Occasions for Businesses to use Personalised Mugs

Posted Monday, March 12, 2018 by National Pen.

Very few promotional gifts are more popular than personalised coffee and travel mugs. Because of their practicality and durability, smart companies will regularly order personalised mugs with the company logo, marketing messages and/or photos printed on them to distribute at various events. Here is a list of convenient occasions where handing out customised mugs could bring your company tangible benefits.

Opening a new store/office

It’s common to invite customers and members of your community to visit a new retail location or office, so it would be a shame to let them leave empty handed. Free mugs with contact information from the new shop should help existing and potential customers remember the experience and entice them to visit again. Nobody will refuse an item that has an everyday application and looks good on a desk.

Launching a new product

Most companies will ramp up their marketing efforts in order to debut a new product line or innovative service. It’s wise to add personalised mugs to the list of items to be produced for such a purpose. It doesn’t cost too much to create unique mugs in large quantities, and they are far more effective in reminding people about the product than expensive radio ads or advertising posters in prominent locations.

Rewarding your best employees

Customers aren’t the only ones happy to receive a free mug that’s branded with the company logo – employees generally enjoy coffee and tea too! The simple gesture of providing employees with their own mugs will serve as a motivational tool and is a good opportunity to strengthen the team spirit and inspire company loyalty.

Introducing a new logo/visual identity

There is no better time to order custom mugs than the moment when a new logo and colour scheme is debuting at your business. Putting new colours on cups is a smart way to start building a recognisable brand from day one, and it won’t require a huge investment. Companies can get better deals when they order in bulk, and with a new visual identity, there is no risk of the mugs becoming outdated anytime soon.

Visiting an international partner’s office

Basic courtesy dictates that you have to bring a gift when you travel to meet foreign partners. Coffee mugs are small enough to carry in a suitcase and personalised enough to show that you care. For example, a photo of your own facility printed on a white mug is a creative touch that can make the introductions less formal, thus helping to develop deeper bonds with the partners and conclude negotiations more amicably.

Participating in a trade show

Coffee mugs that are labeled with a company logo and slogan play a twofold function at trade shows and industry events: they are needed to serve refreshments to important guests, but they also make for great presents. High-quality ceramic mugs are preferable for this kind of use as you’ll want to make sure your handouts look better than the ones available at the next booth.

Online contests for customers

Companies looking to boost engagement should consider sending promo gifts to their customers who participate in an online contest or a similar promo drive. Printing and shipping costs for such a campaign would be relatively modest while the impact could be quite significant if the campaign is well conceived and actively promoted on social networks. With a little luck, maybe those mugs could even go viral and create a ton of brand awareness.

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