Five Eco friendly Promotional Products That Could Change Your Brand Image

Posted Wednesday, April 11, 2018 by National Pen.

More and more, people are becoming environmentally conscious about the products they use. Many companies in a growing number of industries have taken notice and are making their brand identity more eco-friendly. This is accomplished in a number of different ways; through media campaigns, PR efforts, sponsorships and other channels. However, simple business gifts that demonstrate awareness about the pressing issues threatening our planet could be the quickest and most effective way to show clients that you care. Here are a few simple ideas for inexpensive eco friendly promotional products that send a clear message that your company is taking its responsibility towards the environment seriously.

Reusable bags

Anything that reduces dependency on plastic is a welcome change, and shopping bags constitute a large percentage of waste that continues to pile up and endanger the environment. By giving cotton handbags to clients with your imprinted company logo, you’re motivating them to stop using disposable bags that end up in the trash after a single use. If the bags are made of high-quality organic materials and feature an eye-catching design, chances are they will remain in use for a long time. A single tote bag can replace dozens if not hundreds of plastic ones and will have a positive impact on the environment. Just imagine how much it helps if you order and distribute many reusable bags per year!

Office mugs

In many offices, coffee or tea is usually served in plastic or paper cups which are thrown away immediately after use. This is an unfortunate fact considering that most people prefer to drink out of ceramic mugs when they are available anyway. Providing personal mugs to every employee (and perhaps to clients) is a good business practice that can have a lasting effect on the habits of the workers as well as on the reputation of your business. Since coffee mugs are casual items that don’t need to follow company rules to the letter, there is a possibility to implement some creative and fun ideas here. Printing employee names or photos on the mugs will surely spur them to use the mugs daily, which avoids the use of disposable paper cups that cause deforestation and contribute to the world’s waste problem.

Water bottles

People who lead active lives and engage in sports need to be properly hydrated at all times. Of course, water is eco-friendly in and of itself, but not when it’s packaged in plastic bottles. That’s why your company can do the planet a huge favor by producing well-designed water bottles that can be used over and over again. Reusable water bottles are very handy and actually make it easier to drink while running or riding a bike. They can also be decorated with lively visuals and/or motivational messages. If your company is located in a city where lots of people cycle to work, personalised water bottles will be among the most popular gifts you can think of!

Recycled coloured pencils

It’s essential to teach young people these days about the importance of environmental protection. A great way to do this is through demonstration - by offering pencils that are produced by recycled materials. Coloured pencils are rarely associated with ecology, but some of the models in the market are made with recycled colours. By purchasing a selection of these pencils and turning them into promo materials for your business, you can position your brand squarely in the green zone and win the hearts and minds of children as well as their parents. It’s enough to put your logo next to the recycling symbol and let the customers make the connection between the two.

Notebooks from recycled paper

Paper recycling reduces the need for cellulose from logging, therefore saving a lot of trees that would otherwise have to be cut down. However, few people bother to actively seek recycled products, even if they generally support environmentally responsible behavior. Of course, things are different when notebooks and notepads from recycled paper are handed out for free, and many potential customers will proudly use a product of this kind. Eco friendly promotional products of this type will show the world that your company puts sustainable development above quick profits, and could attract new clients in considerable numbers.

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