Engraved Pens tell stories about you and your company

Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2018 by National Pen.

By presenting your business associates with a custom pen, you are demonstrating a friendly attitude and fostering good relationships.

In business just like in private life, a good narrative is worth a lot. Whenever you can personalise the experience and make communication a little bit more personal, good things are bound to happen. Sometimes, simple things can help in this regard and engraved pens are certainly high on the list of such items. They make for great business gifts and even better personal mementos, forging a closer bond between the person or company handing out the gifts and those who will use the pens in their daily lives.

How to Customise and Pick Your Pen

Of course, not just any pen will do. There is a wide variety of designs available and frankly, some are not worth buying even for emergency use, let alone giving to someone else. For this reason, you need to choose a high-quality pen" that feels good to hold in the hand and writes with precision, so you should aim for a quality pen that is symbolic of the quality of your relationship to the person you are gifting it to. You should still be able to get a decent price for great-looking pens in the UK if you look beyond the basic offers on ebay and find a company that hits that sweet spot of a good price-to-quality ratio. Thanks to the internet, your search shouldn’t take you long, and hopefully you can keep the same UK supplier for all future orders.

The next step in creating amazing promotional gift is deciding on a design. The choice will depend on the intended purpose – you mightn’t choose the same pen for your employee of the month and for a high-ranking executive of a partner company. In the first case you would aim for a simple metallic frame, while in the latter you could pick a smarter, premium product that leaves a long lasting impression. The design will be a testament to your sense of style, but it also has to meet some practical requirements. The pen must be comfortable to hold and easy to use, and it has to include a surface large enough for your logo and the message to be clearly visible.

Deciding what message to engrave can depend on the degree on personalisation you are striving for. Many UK companies automatically put their main slogan alongside the logo, seeking consistency with other marketing materials. For high-end engraved pens, it may make more sense to address the recipient directly with a heartfelt message that goes beyond basic business communication. This is a chance to tell a story, to capture the moment, to reference the unique connection. Of course, you want to stay polite, but there is nothing wrong with a more imaginative approach.

Once all elements have been chosen, you need to place an order for engraving. You should be looking for laser precision and flawless quality controls, especially when you are ordering multiple products and each of them needs to be engraved with a different message.

Finally, you need to find the perfect occasion to present the pen so that its impact is the greatest. For example, you can invite a business friend to lunch and use this opportunity to show your appreciation with a personalised gift. Important meetings, trade shows, or company anniversaries are some of the most common events where personalised gifts are exchanged, but depending on your industry, there could be other occasions. Thinking in advance is necessary, although some UK pen manufacturers that handle engraving and shipping might be able to deliver on short notice.

Now that you know everything about custom pen engraving, you have a good idea for business presents at the ready. The only thing that remains is to decide which story you want those gifts to tell. Once you know this, it won’t be too hard to pick the most suitable pen and write a few memorable words to be etched into the surface.

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