4 Trusted Seasonal Marketing Strategies

Posted Thursday, September 24, 2015 by National Pen.
4 Trusted Seasonal Marketing Strategies
As a business owner you should already have your Christmas campaign planned and if you dont, you better get a move on. Planning seasonal marketing strategies are something that you should do months in advance. Leaving this till the last minute is only going to cause you added stress in a time that can be stressful enough. Depending on your business and target market each month or sporting or national event can bring an opportunity for you to market your business. So how do you go about creating specialised seasonal marketing campaigns? We have put together some trusted methods to help you plan your marketing strategies.

Offers and Giveaways

When planning your seasonal marketing strategy try focus on creating a connection between your business and your audience. Make the campaign fun for your audience, but most of all ensure they are receiving value for their money. Bulk offers like buy two get third one free and works great around Christmas. You could create gift packages like hampers and tailor them to each season.

The seasons you pick will ultimately be down to the type of business you run. Like stationary shops could pick back to school as one of their seasons and if they sell cards, they could choose Valentines Day. Sports shops could offer discounts on sporting apparel around big sporting events like the World Cup. Or you could offer a free promotional football or boot bag with a purchase over a certain amount. Each business will have a varied budgets, but dont let a limited budget hold you back be creative with your resources.

Discounts & Deals

Running a competition is a really great way to increase your social media following. Gift vouchers and discounts work great as prizes and dont cost your business an arm and a leg. Offering free promotional items might not be something all businesses can afford to do, but discounts and deals can be a really seasonal marketing strategy for the businesses with smaller budgets. You could do a Christmas loyalty card or multi buy discounts. Offering discounted products and discount cards is a good way to ensure that you attract your target market so you can potentially turn these people into lifelong customers.

Integrate Campaigns

Social media is a vital key in promoting your business and integrating your seasonal campaign by promoting it on all available platforms. Advertise your special offers daily or weekly on your social media. When you run competitions on your social media sites you should ask people who enter to share the post, this will get your business to a wider audience and create a greater awareness of your campaign.

Remember that seasonal marketing strategies dont just stop at Christmas, Easter or summer sales. Make sure you are in tune with the interests of your customers and their needs. Look at other holidays and occasions and see where your business was around that time last year and think of where it could be this year. Remember, be creative and have fun with your campaigns.

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